Arctic Innovative Evaporative Cooling Solutions is a leading provider of natural and energy-efficient cooling solutions that deliver 100% refreshing cool air for better air quality. The Arctic range of evaporative cooling units is ideal for a wide range of applications, including industrial cooling and process cooling and heat removal applications. These advanced cooling solutions offer superior performance and energy savings compared to traditional air conditioning systems.

In industrial settings, excessive heat can negatively impact the quality of manufactured goods or the smooth operation of machinery. The Arctic range of evaporative coolers provides a cost-effective and highly efficient solution for keeping large spaces cool and comfortable. These cooling units are designed to deliver targeted spot cooling, ensuring that the areas that need cooling receive it without wasting energy on cooling areas that don't.

Arctic's evaporative cooling systems are also ideal for process cooling and heat removal applications. In such cases, a draft of cool, humid air needs to be blown over a process to dissipate heat or to alter the qualities of a product itself. The Arctic range offers a single-stage indirect cooling system that can provide cooled, not humid or saturated, air for such processes.

Arctic's cooling units also enable the proper ventilation and cooling of areas like panel rooms without the need for air conditioning equipment. The ventilation and cooling of the air in such rooms are necessary to support the rejection of heat generated during operation. With the Arctic range of evaporative cooling solutions, businesses can enjoy efficient and sustainable cooling that helps keep their operations running smoothly.

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