Reduction in temperature of air resulting from the evaporation of water. It is a natural process of cooling, using air & water. Evaporative cooling is a natural alternative to mechanical air conditioning which uses refrigeratnts. This has wide applications in resiential, commercial and industrial cooling requirements.

Hot air from outside is passed over continuously wet cooling pads. The dry bulb temperature of the air is reduced through the process of water evaporation on the surface of the pads.

Apart from creating comfortable working conditions, Air cooling provides 100% fresh air. Air cooling also helps in maintaining comfortable humidity levels during hot, dry summer months.

No, it would help if you keep the door and windows open to allow adequate exhaust. There is a need to remove stale indoor air, heat, odour and moisture from the room.

Yes – Air cooling uses 100% fresh air. Indoor stale air is not recirculated in air cooling.

When we say “air change,” we mean that the whole air of the room is changed in a few minutes. Fresh air is brought from the outside, and the stale air inside is exhausted. Air change can be calculated as the volume of air x number of air changes / 60 minutes.

Say for a hall of size 50 Length x 20 Width x 10 ft Height and 30 air changes are required per hour. The volume of air would be (LxWxH) 10000 x 30 Air changes/60 minutes = 5000 CFM of cold, clean, filtered & fresh air would be required.

Air cooling is often a more economical option for companies & consumers looking to save on their electicity bill when compared to air conditioning. The main advantage of air cooling is that it consumes less power and requires less maintenance. When compared it can be 80% less expensive than air-conditioning in running costs. Also first costs would be lower.

Air cooling is an excellent way for those living in hot and dry climates to stay comfortable, as it can drop the temperature by as much as 15 – 20 degrees.

The main parts are the Body, Cooling Media, Fan and its motor, Pump & Water distribution.

Areas like schools, movie halls, manufacturing plants and warehouses, where occupancy is high, and fresh air also needs to be introduced. Evaporative cooling has over 100 applications.

Evaportive cooled air can be blown over a heat generation area on a factory shopfloor. Also the continuously introduced cooled air will reduce the internal heat load of any buildinging and exhaust air can carry the heat & odours away.

Yes, during extreme heat, the milk production of cows decreases. Excessive heat can be very uncomfortable for racehorses that are competing. Many zoos across the world have installed air cooling infrastructure to keep their animals cool.

Yes, most poultries are air-cooled. Even hatcheries are air-cooled for better outputs.

Yes. Greenhouses and nurseries rely on air cooling for added moisture and cooling for better plant growth.

Air cooling is necessary for the following industries: Textile Industry, Tea Factories, Wire & Cable manufacturing Corrugated Packaging, Auto components and many more.

ARCTIC coolers are the world’s best performing and powerful coolers with a heavy-duty rust proof metal body, high-efficiency EcoCool cellulose pads, blowers and epoxy coated water tank. Its unique three side pad design, increases the effiecieny. Pan country network and fast easy availability of spares add to its serviceability. The list is endless.

Yes, Arctic Coolers air-cooling systems can air cool your complete house. The rooms where you spend most of your time – the kitchen and dining area – can also be air-cooled.

In large areas, other forms of cooling or air conditioning will be highly costly – in Initial investment, power cost & maintenance too.

Air cooling is the most common, affordable and environment-friendly way to keep your spaces cool. It is the only cooling method that is used even for open areas.

Kitchens are places where hot air, heat, odour, and vapour need to be exhausted. Chefs and workers have to be air-cooled for their comfort and higher productivity.

Air cooling is the only suitable option for large factories and manufacturing floors. Air cooling helps provide comfortable conditions for workers, which helps increase productivity and keep production accurate.

Air cooling is more economical than air conditioning because it only consumes about 10-15% of the energy.

Air cooling is the most economical form of cooling for cinema halls specialy in smaller towns. Given the high occupancy levels large amounts of clean cooled fresh air can be introduced and comfort levels increased.

Air cooling is an energy-efficient way to cool large spaces, open areas, and high and dry areas. It’s also ideal for removing foul odours, vapour, and stale air. One of biggest advatanbges is that it introduces 100% fresh air.

The Arctic offers the most extensive range of products, unique design, highest efficiency, trusted brand, and expert designing guidance. It is a product from the ISO Certified Indian company, which has been in HVAC industry for almost 60 years.


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