Residential Cooling Applications

Suitable Arctic coolers can be installed for cooling entire bunglows, villas or apartments. Multiple bedrooms,  drawing, dining, kitchen & open areas can be effectively air cooled for a cool comfortable atmosphere inside. All this can be done at a lower initial, running and maintenance expenses.

A full free flow range of evaporative coolers are available for various rooms in a house depending on the size and occupancy.


residential cooling

Comfort cooling & increased efficiency of humans & processes

residential cooling

Proper Humidity Management

residential cooling

Energized Workers

residential cooling

100% Fresh & Cool Air for Better Air Quality

residential cooling

Cool Large Areas Economically

residential cooling

Lower Maintenance Cost

residential cooling

Eco-friendly Air Cooling

Arctic Evaporative Coolers are ideal for residential cooling applications like

residential cooling

Generator Rooms

All industries, Hospitals, Hotels, Complexes, etc

residential cooling

Panel Rooms

All industries, Cement Companies, Large Chemical Plants, Pharma & Food Companies, etc

residential cooling


Hotels, Community Laundries, Garment industry, etc

residential cooling

Furnace Area

Steel & other metal industry, Automobiles, etc

residential cooling

Other hot areas

Weilding stations, Process heat, Motors, Other heat generating machines.


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