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InDirect Evaporative Coolers

Indirect Cooling

A single stage Indirect Evaporative Coolers use the advantages of cooling using water evaporation without increasing humidity in the supply air. This is done through our special DRI COOL module.


A 2-stage evaporative cooling system is an advanced cooling system that utilizes indirect evaporative cooling modules followed by a direct cooling section. The overall result is lower dry bulb temperature as compared to a direct only evaporative coolers.


A third stage can be added as a cooling coil which is turned on when the second direct evaporative cooling section is off. This is based on the ambient conditions.


These units are also offered in very large air volumes and with all sensors, controls and electrical packaged on board the unit.


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Double skin casing – outer casing made of pre-coated sheets

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High efficiency centrifugal fans

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High Efficiency (90%+) long life evaporative EcoCool pads

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No harmful refrigerants or ozone depleting chemicals

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AHRI Certified casing for Leakage

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Fully factory manufactured and tested units

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Ready to use , plug & play


Pre Coated Galvanised Steel




save electricity

Consumes up to 80% less electricity compared to conventional air-conditioning

less moisture

Offers significantly cooler air & with minimal moisture addition


Requires smaller duct & less fan power to achieve same cooling

lower Indoor temperature

Lower Indoor temperature & higher comfort compared to conventional cooling methods

Environment friendly

Environment and wallet friendly

hot air

The hotter & drier the air , the greater is the cooling

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Best Possible Indoor Air Quality

Ideal for

Stay cool and comfortable in any industry or environment with Arctic Coolers - the efficient and cost-effective cooling solution for large industrial facilities, commercial spaces, manufacturing plants, stadium seating areas, distribution Centers of FMCGs, and Warehouses. Improve employee productivity, enhance customer experiences, and maintain consistent temperatures with arctic coolers, the innovative alternative to traditional air conditioning.

Large Industrial

Commercial Spaces

Manufacturing Industry
Indoor Stadiums
Training Areas
Stadium Seating Areas
Distribution Centers of FMCGs

Ideal for

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indirect ideal for
  • Large Industrial & Commercial Spaces
  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Warehouses
  • Indoor Stadiums
  • Training Areas
  • Stadium Seating Areas
  • Distribution Centers of FMCGs

Range of Products

indirect Range of Products
... ID-L3-30
... ID-L3-50
... ID-L3-75
... ID-L3-100
Minimum Evaporation Efficiency80%80%80%80%
POD Surface Area1.35 m21.35 m21.35 m21.35 m2
POD Thickness75 mm75 mm75 mm75 mm
Connectin Load0.79KW0.79KW0.79KW0.79KW
Overall Dimensions( L x w x H)950 x 950 x 800(mm)950 x 950 x 800(mm)950 x 950 x 800(mm)950 x 950 x 800(mm)
Connection Size400 x 400 mm400 x 400 mm400 x 400 mm400 x 400 mm
Tank Capacity60 Liters60 Liters60 Liters60 Liters
Dry Weight125 Kgs125 Kgs125 Kgs125 Kgs
Design Guide- SI Units
Air Flow at Given ESP8000 m3/h8000 m3/h8000 m3/h8000 m3/h
Static Pressure19 mmWc19 mmWc19 mmWc19 mmWc
External Static Pressure5 mmWc5 mmWc5 mmWc5 mmWc
Air Flow at Below ESP5100 m3/h5100 m3/h5100 m3/h5100 m3/h
Static Pressure22.5 mmWc22.5 mmWc22.5 mmWc22.5 mmWc
Extenal Static Pressure10 mmWc10 mmWc10 mmWc10 mmWc

Technical Data

Air Flow CapacityCMH509885001270017000255003400042500509775950068000
Supply Air MotorKW2. X 2
Working Air MotorKW0.751. X 23.7 X 2
Pumpkw0.190.25 x 20.25 x 20.25 x 20.25 x 20.25 x 20.25 x 20.25 x 20.25 x 20.25 x 2
Overall Dimensions (L x W x H)Length2440289028903350362537753925407540753775
Unit Weight690107014501670225026403050350039304210
Appr. Perating Weight860124016201840242028103220367041004380

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