Commercial Cooling Application

When common facilities like Schools, Kitchens, Wedding Halls, small movie halls, Showrooms, religious places, Offices, Restaurants, Service Centers & other spaces become hot and stuffy, it can lead to discomfort, reduction in concentration & accuracy, less productive work environment and increased health risk.


Stagnant indoor air will cause discomfort & will encourage the spread of viruses and bacteria in the enclosed spaces. Poor ventilation and bad air quality in a building can harm occupants’ health, contribute to higher illness and absenteeism rates.


Good Indoor environmental quality in commercial spaces also has to be provided in an economical way to ensure health & comfort of all stakeholders – owners, tenants, students / customers.


Cooled fresh air can be introduced through a planned ducting arrangement in these commercial areas leading to occupant delight and improved air quality.


commercial cooling application

Increase Productivity & Comfort

commercial cooling application

Energized Workers

commercial cooling application

100% Fresh & Cool Air for Better Air Quality

commercial cooling application

Cool Large Areas Economically

commercial cooling application

Lower Maintenance Cost

commercial cooling application

Eco-friendly Air Cooling

Arctic Evaporative Coolers are ideal for Commercial cooling Applications like

commercial cooling application

Kitchen Ventilation

Hotels & Restaurants, Company Canteens, Garden Restaurants, etc.

commercial cooling application

Hospitality Places

Restaurants, Hotel Rooms, Resorts, Lobby Area, etc.

commercial cooling application

Retail Outlets

Showroom, Stores, car showrooms, Service Centers etc.

commercial cooling application

Multipurpose Halls

Wedding Halls, Banquet Hall, Auditoriums, Cinema Hall, Theatre etc.

commercial cooling application


Complete Villas

commercial cooling application

Commercial Places

Offices, Government Buildings, Hostels, Gyms, Stadiums, Schools, Railway Stations, Religious Places (Temple, Mosques, Churches, Gurudwara, Yoga & Meditation Halls, etc.)


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