Managing the heat in the warehouse through evaporative cooling

The heat issue is an unsaid problem arising inherently in the warehouse setup. Warehouses form an essential part of the logistics value chain that offers space for goods collection, sorting, and dissemination within the supply chain. Therefore, it entails a large space with high ceilings to suffice the storage of all kinds of goods ranging from lightweight cartons to heavy-load commodities. As a result, dealing with the heat issue in the warehouse becomes tricky for which quality air solutions must be deployed to cool down the large space effectively.

Generally, the warehouses are managed by the on-ground workforce who carry out the smooth movement of goods by making use of a mix of manual as well as heavyweight machinery. Entailing to the nature of work involved, it generates a tremendous amount of heat within the premises which is responsible for high temperature that is unsuitable for the working conditions of the employees. Being exposed to excessive heat for a prolonged period of time can give rise to a phenomenon called heat stress that impedes the working efficiency of people and can impact their productivity. Therefore, controlling the temperature within the vicinity of the warehouse becomes imperative to retain its integrity and efficiency.

managing the heat in the warehouse through evaporative cooling

As the area is large, Industrial Evaporative Cooling is the most effective solution suitable for the complex structure of the warehouse. Here, opting for air conditioning solutions can prove to be very expensive considering the large area to be cooled down. It will not just levy heavy installation charges but will continually add to the expenses with the high operational costs. Besides, given to the large space, a lot of energy gets wasted in cooling down the extra space. In contrast to air conditioning, evaporative cooling is adept at providing cooling solutions in the most cost-effective way. The installations require minimal capital costs where the average price of setting up the system is one-fourth of the air conditioning option.

Additionally, the mechanism is highly energy-efficient as it makes use of natural resources to cool down the area which substantially reduces the running costs of the machines. This innovative cooling solution is packed with high saturation efficiency and highly adsorbent materials that catalyze the productivity of the machine. As a result, energy consumption is minimized by utilizing 80 percent less electricity as compared to other alternatives available in the market. Here, brand like ARCTIC is proficient in fulfilling the air quality requirements, ensuring cooling solution in a comfortable and tension-free way.

Given that evaporative cooling makes use of natural resources, it consequently takes an environmentally-friendly route. In the process, it makes use of 100 percent natural fresh air from the surrounding air to cool down the large warehouse while ensuring a continuous supply of fresh oxygen to the room. The mechanism maintains the continuous influx and circulation of fresh air that reduces the sultriness of the packed space. It helps perishable goods to be kept in temperatures of around 30 °C and in the process, even eliminates the indoor stagnant air which can be a major factor harboring the growth of viruses and bacteria. Consequently, it also removes the fumes, odor, carbon dioxide, and other airborne impurities, and the built-in dust from enclosed space. All in all, evaporative cooling goes way beyond just cooling the warehouse and also improves indoor air quality at the same time. This is a major step towards reducing the carbon footprint.

managing the heat in the warehouse through evaporative cooling

Deploying evaporative cooling, automatically reduces the temperature by 10 °C to 12 °C which is done with the simple mechanism of filtering hot, dry air through the water-saturated cooling pads. Here, the evaporating water initiates the formation of cooling vapor which is responsible for cooling down the space.

The evaporative cooling solutions help in boosting the productivity of the employees as in a comfortable environment they are better able to concentrate and deliver error-free work. This invariably contributes to the profitability of the company. Looking at the advantages of evaporative coolers it emerges as the best cooling solution for complex warehouse structures.


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