How Evaporative Coolers Can Maintain Fresh & Cool Air At Busy Supermarket Stores


A Guide To Maintaining High IAQ With Optimum Cooling Using Evaporative Coolers During Busy Supermarket Hours

Both internationally and domestically, cooling is now widely acknowledged as a  social necessity and a top development goal. India now has one of the lowest  levels of cooling access worldwide, and the nation’s cooling demand is likely to  increase quickly and significantly.

India’s cooling requirements are expanding exponentially due to its fast  urbanization, increasing temperatures, and rising aspirations. A recent trend is an  explosion of retail markets and the consequent growth of supermarkets in India.  According to one projection, retail markets may grow from $ 883 billion in 2020  to $ 1.7 trillion by 2026.

how evaporative coolers can maintain fresh & cool air at busy supermarket stores

Owners of supermarkets and facilities managers are becoming more and more  concerned about energy efficiency, cost-effectiveness and maintaining  optimum cooling at peak hours. Non-refrigerant-based cooling technologies like  fans and air-coolers account for 40% of the current cooling energy usage across  the entire industry. In the next decade, emerging low cooling technologies may  replace regular cooling systems, particularly in particular climate types and  uses. In this context, evaporative coolers are becoming a preferred solution for  complex business scenarios like Supermarkets.

Unique Needs Of Busy Supermarket Stores

One of the business goals of a supermarket store is to display a maximum  number of products in an appealing and easy-to-browse manner. These spaces  are frequently congested, with plenty of people moving around, and the heavy  refrigeration systems place a high energy demand on the building.

how evaporative coolers can maintain fresh & cool air at busy supermarket stores

Due to the precise humidity control needed for products like fresh produce and  other diverse food items to  minimize moisture loss, supermarkets must  maintain consistent air  and humidity regulation. In contrast,  warmer air  absorbs moisture from any surface, including those that are stored frozen or  chilled. As a result, some products may lose up to 20% of their weight, which  can impact the products’ look, quality, and shelf life.

To maximize consumer happiness, supermarkets must have comfortable space  distribution supplemented with adequate cooling and good Indoor Air Quality  (IAQ) levels. While accommodating various needs from various departments,  supermarkets must deal with several peculiar and varied circumstances. These  factors include humidity, temperature regulation, crowding, and clean air.

A significant quantity of heat is transported from the air to the water during the evaporative cooling process. The evaporative cooler‘s constant airflow removes dust, smoke, odor, and other forms of air pollution. This process aids in pushing hot stale air out and replacing it with cool fresh air.


Evaporative cooling takes advantage of the fact that water naturally tends to  absorb much heat to evaporate. The transformation of liquid water into water  vapor can considerably lower the temperature of dry air. By simply sucking in  hot, dry air that is filtered and cooled through the water-saturated cooling  pads, evaporative coolers efficiently lower the temperature by 10–12 °C. As a  result, water vaporizes, facilitating the distribution of cooled air throughout any  space. This process uses ambient air that is 100 percent natural and fresh,  resulting in a continuous supply of oxygen.

how evaporative coolers can maintain fresh & cool air at busy supermarket stores

The evaporative coolers not only cool  down a large area but also aid in  removing the stagnant air that prevents the growth of bacteria and viruses  owing to positive pressure. As a result, in addition to lowering the temperature  inside the supermarket, it also plays a crucial role in enhancing indoor air  quality by clearing the area of dust, odors, carbon dioxide, and other airborne  contaminants.


ARCTIC coolers use cutting-edge technology to create a balanced ventilation  system, unlike air conditioning, which relies on re-circulated air to function.  Our Direct evaporative coolers achieve effective  cooling and  desirable  humidification levels using a powerful centrifugal fan to propel air through a  permeable, wet pad. These coolers, having a sturdy rustproof metal body with  heavy-duty pre-coated GSS, are ideal for centralized cooling using ducts across  large spaces.

how evaporative coolers can maintain fresh & cool air at busy supermarket stores

Our single-stage indirect evaporative coolers take advantage of the benefits  of cooling through water evaporation without raising the supply air’s relative  humidity. As per specific needs, an advanced two-stage evaporative cooling  system can be deployed that uses indirect evaporative cooling modules first,  then a direct cooling portion. In contrast to the overall outcome of direct-  only evaporative coolers, the dry bulb temperature is lower in a two-stage  system.

Supermarkets can use ARCTIC’s Free Flow (Spot) Evaporative Coolers for  specific areas needing extra cooling. Our cooling experts can help design a  comprehensive solution for any complex layout with additional portable Free  Flow variations like “Side Discharge” and “Top Discharge” versions. Our spot  coolers feature metal bodies and are made for low RPM to ensure quiet  operation and minimal noise levels.

how evaporative coolers can maintain fresh & cool air at busy supermarket stores

The design and installation of ARCTIC evaporative coolers need minimal outlays  of time, effort and money. ARCTIC cooling experts have the advantage of  decades of experience and understanding in duct designing, cooling pads and  exhaust systems across various industries. The ARCTIC team of engineers is  skilled at studying complex layouts of Supermarkets and creating customized  solutions to  ensure a comfortable and  long-lasting  cooling solution. Our  evaporative cooling installations in supermarkets achieve considerable energy  savings with maximum customer comfort and safety thanks to our innovative  technologies

how evaporative coolers can maintain fresh & cool air at busy supermarket stores


DRI specializes in offering state-of-the-art air solutions for a wide variety of  commercial and industrial applications. The “Green” products from DRI aid  in the energy efficiency optimization of air-cooling systems deployed in all  types of commercial structures. DRI’s products improve Indoor Air Quality  (IAQ), lower health hazards, and significantly lower utility costs throughout  the site-installation life cycle. For our products to be innovative,  economical, and sustainable, DRI has continually performed cutting-edge  research and development efforts for several decades.

ARCTIC Coolers from DRI provide a completely natural approach to creating  a safe and comfortable environment. The Eco Cool Evaporative Cooling  Pads, used by DRI Arctic Coolers, are highly absorbent, consistently work  well over a long lifespan, and are simple to maintain. The DRI set of  technologies and solutions ensure maximum Return on Investment (ROI)  across large spaces by efficiently increasing circulation and providing  adequate air cooling during peak supermarket hours. Contact us right away  to become a part of the energy efficiency revolution and turn your  supermarket into a successful and thriving commercial space.


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