Arctic Indirect-Direct Evaporative Cooling Systems

The Arctic Indirect-Direct Evaporative Cooling Systems (IDEC) is the best in the world today in Evaporative Cooling Solutions. Arctic IDEC uses High Efficiency DRI Cool module (first stage) which achieves the Indirect Evaporative Cooling using Water Evaporation without increasing Humidity in Supply Air. A two stage IDEC thus is able to offer substantially cooler supply air temperature, lower moisture content, & also consumes lesser water. The overall result is Lower Dry Bulb Temperature as compared to Direct Evaporative Coolers.



  • We need to look at the alternate cooling options other conventional method, Since ancient time evaporative cooling has been used as most energy efficient cooling solutions for cooling large spaces.
  • Recent development of 2 stage Evaporative Cooling equipment has been developed which offers significantly cooler air & with less moisture addition.
  • Significant reduced air flow to achieve lower Temperature means smaller duct & less fan power, this results in lower Indoor temperature & higher comfort compare to conventional cooling methods.
  • Best Indoor Air Quality
  • Provides Maximum comfort condition, the hotter & drier the Air, the greater the cooling.

Why Arctic Indirect- Direct Evaporative Coolers (IDEC)

  • At Pahwa Group continuous Innovation is the driving philosophy, The Focus is on Technologies which benefits you , our customers and partners in progress.
  • ISO 9001:2008 & 14001:2004 certified company.
  • Worldwide network & Installations in over 85 + countries.
  • Arctic IDEC Units are designed for outdoor application , either roof or slab mounted with different standard models & sizes from 3000 CFM to 40000 CFM.
  • Higher capacity model are also available as custom design unit.
  • Arctic IDEC Units are Fully factory assembled and tested unit.
  • Ready to use, Plug & Play.